A drain is the primary vessel for unwanted water to be flumed away, either to a more useful area, funnelled into a receptacle, or run into the sewers as waste.
In some systems the drain is for discharge of waste fluids, such as the drain in a sink in which the water is drained when it is no longer needed.

In the United Kingdom, plumbers refer to waste water as 'bad water'. This is under the premise that the water they are moving from one area to another via the use of a drain is not needed and can be removed from the area, like a 'bad apple' being removed from a fruit bowl.

In order for these vessels to work they have to be clear, if not this will cause other probles through out the property. Home remedying out lets with in the home can be done although may not work for major drains leading out of the proerty to the main sewers.



One off call out

Monday - Friday (9:00 - 17:00 only)
(out of hours available)

Initial call out and first hour charge
£69. 99
charges per 15 mins after first hour

Pay monthly£5.83 DD for 12 months
total £69.96

Brief details on pay monthly.

Drains must be cleaned by us initialy (chargeable).
This is to make sure that drains are in full working order,
and without need of any repair.
Once initial clean has been completed Direct Debit will commence.
This monthly paying method is to provide a annual jetting of your drains and is not an emergancy call out service. It is provided to spread the cost of maintaining your drains and to help in the provention of blockages.

if the DD opption is not for you then a one off payment is still offered 

If we are not able to take you on to a Direct Debit contract due to the drains in need of repair, we are able to provide a repair service to you (please see repairs page)  and then take you on under the Direct Deibt contract.